Creating Quick Bubbles

Most graphics editing software offers preset designs. Using Coreldraw for example, one can easily acquire images like flowers, leaves and bubbles by clicking the right keys.

Let me show the quick way to do it:
Open a new file. (File > New) and click the ARTISTIC MEDIA tool located at the left side menu bar.
create bubbles coreldraw
See the upper menu bar and click the SPRAYER.
coreldraw sprayer
There are several preset designs to choose from. Simply click one.
corel preset arts
Drag the mouse from one point to another. The images will automatically appear. If you want to break those images, click ARRANGE (at the upper menu bar)
and then select BREAK THE ARTISTIC MEDIA APART. The images are now ready for further editing.
pinoy tutorial bubbles

Pen and Ink Tool

CorelDraw's ‘Pen & Ink’ tool provides a good ‘black and white’ effect for photographs. I  like the ‘charcoal’ effect . Here's a simple  tutorial for designers and art enthusiasts.
1. Select a picture from your file.
2. Paste the image on the clipboard.
3. Convert the image to bitmap by clicking ‘Bitmaps’ located at the top menu bar. 

Then select the ‘Convert to Bitmap’ option.
pen and ink tool coreldraw
4. Click ‘Bitmaps’ again. Look for ‘Art Strokes’. Choose ‘Pen and Ink’ from the selections.
5. Adjust the lever to your desired effect.
6. Then click OK.
pen ink tool
Sample works:

The Impressionist Style

Here's a quick tutorial on ‘Impressionists’ style of artwork. According to the Free Dictionary, Impressionism style of painting originated in France during the 1870’s. It is characterized by concentration on visual impression produced by a scene and by the use of unmixed primary colors and small strokes to simulate actual reflected light.

Using CorelDraw, here’s a quick way to accomplish this style:
1. Import an image from your file.
2. Paste the image on your clipboard (working space)
3. Click ‘Bitmaps’ located at the upper Menu bar.
4. Click ‘Convert to Bitmaps’
5. Click ‘Bitmaps’, then ‘Art Strokes’ and then ‘Impressionist’

impressionist coreldraw
6. Adjust the dab size, coloration and brightness depending on your desired result.
7. Click Ok if you are satisfied.
8. Done! Save your work.

style impressionism coreldraw
Sample works:
impressionist style

coreldraw impressionism


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