How To Use Coreldraw X3 to Create a Blog Header

use coreldraw to create blog header
Earlier today, I've finished the  slide presentation on 'How To Use Coreldraw X3 to Create a Blog Header'. I want my slides to be saved automatically while working online so I have  utilized Google Presentation. 

Making graphic works using Coreldraw is quite easy for me but it  took me time because I have to prepare the step by step procedures in order  to come up  with 40+ slides. Graphic jobs is really  time-consuming but I love graphic designs more than just clerical jobs.


Hamza siddiq said...

can you tell me, how can i use "Back of layer" option in coreldraw x6?

Ric said...

Hi Hamza, I don't think there's a back of layer in Coreldraw. You can only make use of back or front of page.

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