Starting my VA Training

I've heard the Virtual Assistant training of Sir Jomar Hilario thru facebook and decided to attend the December 14, 2011 webinar. Listening intently on the discussions that night, I've browsed google the next day and found another version of the same webinar on youtube.  For the next one and half hour,  I've watched the video and  the  idea of "working at home" as Virtual Assistant got my interest.
virtual assistant VA seminar
The Virtual Assistant seminar I found at youtube

I have been working at home making computer layouts for invitations and T-shirt designs for several years already but the VA works look more promising. I decided to give Virtual Assistant job a try. I've purchased the downloadable version of the whole seminar.  After receiving the confirmation of my payment and getting the link to the recorded seminar,   I continued my studies.

On the succeeding  days, I found myself making lots of notes, browsing the recommended websites and doing those "how to's" as  stated on the seminar. I am actually beginning  my  VA training!
attend VA seminar by Jomar Hilario
Another  youtube video by Jomar Hilario related to the VA's works

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