Create Glossy Button with Coreldraw X3 (Option 2)

On the previous post, I have illustrated how to create a glossy button with Coreldraw using Fountain fill and interactive transparency tool.  There is another quick way to design glossy buttons with Coreldraw and that is through the interactive blend tool. The simple tutorial is illustrated below.

simple glossy button with Coreldraw

1. Create an object using the rectangle tool. Make the  desired shape.

2. Add color using the color palette.

3. Create another object and put it on top portion of the first object.

4. Color the second object (object 2) with a light color.

5. Be sure to make the edge of the second object transparent (right-click the transparent icon. See Figure 1)

6. Click both object 2 and the interactive blend tool (See Figure 2).

7. Drag the lever down of object 2.

8. Determine the blend level by adjusting the number of steps or offset between blend shapes located at the upper right menu bar (See Figure 3)

9. The glossy portion can be moved downward or upward. You can also modify the size and color.

where to locate interactive blend tool coreldraw

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