How to Get Google Tracking Code for your Blog

The google tracking code is a  webmaster tool aiming to help bloggers tract their website's detailed statistics. A simple  tutorial that illustrates how I was able to get my tracking code is posted below.  The same code is pasted on this site to connect with my Goggle Analytics account.

signing a google analytics account

1. Open google analytics on your web browser.    or  see this link ->     Google Analytics
2. Click 'Create an account' or 'sign in' with your google account.  (See the red arrow above)
3. A new window will appear.  On the upper right side, click ‘Admin’
2. Under the Account folder, click +new account
3. Enter the information about your site on the boxes provided.
4. Then click ‘Create account.’
5. The tracking code will be provided at the bottom of the page. (See Figure 2)
6. Click save.
7. Copy the code and paste the code on your site (See Figure 3) using the HTML/Javascript gadget box. The gadget should be placed at the bottom of your web layout design. 

how to get google tracking code
Figure 2. The google tracking code is enclosed in a box below the page.

where to place google tracking code
Figure 3. Paste the code  on your site  using the
HTML/Javascript box and place it anywhere at the bottom

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