Using a Keyword Tool

I don’t know much about keywords but I've been reading more about this. What I’ve noticed is that  the right keyword  helps my site get indexed by search engines. This is because search engines make use of keywords during search results. However, I try not to overuse it because it may cause 'spamming' (or being banned by search engines). 

 To select the right keywords, I usually use the google  adword keyword tool. You can find it here. Simply enter the required information and click search. Analyze the results and decide if it will be helpful for your blog.

google keyword search

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Pinoy Social Networking Site said...

Using Google Keyword tool is very importance to know the best keyword to your website. I already knew how to use keyword tool. but I would like you to thank for this post because you shared your idea and this will be helpful to other beginers.

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