Creating Stickmen and other Vectors

stickmen tutorial

vector tutorial

coreldraw stickmen

lines, shapes

editing lines

adding nodes
cute stickmen

stickman talking

stickman coloring page
stickman simple

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How To Create Page Curls Using CorelDraw

cheer up dog, page curls,
page curl, coreldraw

1. Import your image  and place in the clipboard.
image clipboard, page curl

2. Click ‘Bitmap’ &  ‘Convert to Bitmap’
bitmap, page curl, corel

3. Click ‘Bitmap’ then choose 3D Effects,  and then page curls
page curl, 3D effects, coreldraw

4.Select the preferred corner by clicking the button  and then click OK.
curl corner

Creating Quick Bubbles

Most graphics editing software offers preset designs. Using Coreldraw for example, one can easily acquire images like flowers, leaves and bubbles by clicking the right keys.

Let me show the quick way to do it:
Open a new file. (File > New) and click the ARTISTIC MEDIA tool located at the left side menu bar.
create bubbles coreldraw
See the upper menu bar and click the SPRAYER.
coreldraw sprayer
There are several preset designs to choose from. Simply click one.
corel preset arts
Drag the mouse from one point to another. The images will automatically appear. If you want to break those images, click ARRANGE (at the upper menu bar)
and then select BREAK THE ARTISTIC MEDIA APART. The images are now ready for further editing.
pinoy tutorial bubbles

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