QUICK VA TIP : Use VLC Media Player for Audios & Videos

how to use VLC media player

VLC  or Video LAN Client is a popular multimedia player among VA’s.  It could play almost all audio and video formats (mp3, mp4, DiVX/Xvid, Quicktime, mpeg, avi ). The player is  free and easy to install.

VLC  is built in a modular way which means there are different modules to choose from and you can decide  how to control the player and  display the output.

I have posted below a snapshot from a movie.  To take the capture, go the menu bar, tick video and click snapshot from dropdown menu.   Take note that  the image  is automatically saved on your computer’s  ‘Picture’ gallery.

taking a snapshot
first avenger snapshot
from the movie 'Captain America The First Avenger'

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