QUICK VA TIP: Using Goo.gl to Shorten URL

how to shorten URL using goo.gl

 http://www.myvajournal.blogspot.com   ---->   http://goo.gl/pS1nK

Above is an example of a shortened URL.

URL Shortening is a method used on the World Wide Web to shorten lengthy  URLs (Uniform Resource Locator). Using  this  URL, the web user is still directed to the same  website but the resulting URL is better for  mobile or page link sharing. 

Shortening URL's with google is easy. To gain access to the tool, simply  (1) search for  goo.gl on your web browser  (2) enter the  URL  on the text box   (3) click   ‘Shorten URL’  button. And then (4) copy the  shortened URL.

how to use goo.gl

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