Adding a Google Custom Search Engine

make searching easy with google custom search

A google custom search engine was added on the upper  right side of this blog. This aims to help users find what they need that is available on this site.  Adding custom search has the advantage of searching only  the  sites you specify  and display the results within seconds. Signing up is simple and easy and the  procedure is posted below. 

how to add google custom search

1.  Open your web browser and type in 
2. Click 'Sign in to custom search engine'  (see the red arrow above) 
3. Use your gmail account to sign in. 
4. Fill-up the information on the boxes provided (name, description, language, sites to search) 
   See given examples below each box. 
5. Then check the agreement and click Next. 
6. Choose your style . 
7. Get the code and add  to your blog via the HTML/Javasciprt gadget box.

fill up the box of custom search cse

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