Blogging Tip: Activate Pingshot

how to activate pingshot

Why send ping? I  asked the same question. So I’ve searched the web and looked for a definition. According to Wikipedia pinging is an XML-RPC-based push mechanism by which a weblog notifies a server that its content has been updated. It’s like telling the search engines (i.e google, bing or yahoo) that there has been some updates in a certain blog. Thus, whenever, I make blog updates, I try to utilize the services of pinging sites. Here are some of these sites that you may find helpful:  

In addition, any Blogger (blogspot) account can set their feedburner  to automatically send ping after the  updates. Here’s how:
 1. Open your account
2. On a separate window, search and open
3. Click the name of your blog.
4. Proceed to folder ‘Publicize’
5. Check Pingshot to activate autopinging.

6. The service has been activated.

how to activate feedburner pingshot

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