Creating Cartoon Face Using CorelDraw

cartoon images created using coreldraw

Above are graphic images I've created using Coreldraw X3. I’ve been using the software for several years now and I find the program easier to create vector or cartoon images. The first part of this tutorial will illustrate the method of creating the head (for my cartoon).

1. To create a simple head, click the ellipse tool (see Figure 1) located on the left  menu bar.
2. Drag the object in the working space (clipboard).
3. Using the color pallette, click the color of your choice.  
    (I used R206 G182 B158 for this example)
4. Determine the outline thickness using the outline tool. (see Figure 2 )
5. Click the object and see the upper menu,  look for ARRANGE and then click Convert  
    to curves (see Figure 3).
6. The object's nodes are now visible and ready for editing. (see figure 4)
7. By double clicking the object, you can add or delete nodes on every point or side. 
8. Use these nodes to modify the shape for the image.
9. The above tools and procedures will be applied to the other objects in order to create the eyes, nose, lips, hair.  

create a vector image face using coreldraw

See the second part of the tutorial here.


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