Creating the Hair (Creating cartoon face Part 2)

This is the second part of the previous tutorial.

Creating the hair cartoon with CorelDraw

1. Get an object using the rectangle tool located at the left menu bar.
2. Set the outline thickness (See Figure 1). My sample is set to 2 points.
3. At the upper menu bar, look for ‘Arrange’ and then click ‘Convert to Curves’
4. The object is now ready for editing or shaping. Nodes can be added or deleted once converted to curves. 
5. Put it on top of the first image created from the previous tutorial.
6. You may add more nodes to help you create the shape you desire.
7. Using the color pallette on the right side (See Figure 2), click the preferred color for the hair.
8. Make the necessary adjustment for the first image to complement with the second.
9. Remember to save your work.
9. The next tutorial will discuss the creation of the eyes, nose and mouth. 

outline and color pallette CorelDraw X3

See  the continuation here.

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